What does the term 'Third Party Certification' actually mean for somebody seeking a provider?

In simple terms, first party certification is when a provider tells their potential customer that they are competent and knows what they are doing.


Second party certification involves someone else – for instance another customer or a trade association – who states that they are competent.


Third Party Certification takes this to another level completely, as here an independent certification body (which is accredited by the government body UKAS), sends assessors trained in the specific skills required and working to appropriate standards, to inspect the company usually on an annual basis. They check and verify the required competencies and management systems to ensure that the provider can do what they say.


BAFE develops third party certification schemes with a range of industry stakeholders and works only with UKAS accredited Certification Bodies to thoroughly assess and approve companies to these standards.


BAFE is the independent registration body for third party certified fire protection companies across the UK. A national independent register of quality fire safety service providers.

BAFE develops schemes to support quality standards for fire protection companies to achieve and become third party certified.

This independently acknowledges their competency to provide specific fire protection services.

If you require fire protection services for your premises then you need BAFE to be sure that the companies that provide them meet all the appropriate standards and are independently audited.

BAFE is completely independent and therefore is a totally unbiased party to help competent companies and people in need of fire protection services find each other. There are registered companies across the UK and are both large nationals and smaller regional businesses who have all achieved the same high quality standards.

The BAFE Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment (SP205) scheme specifies that organisations have the required technical and quality management capabilities and risk assessment staff meet appropriate standards.

A fire risk assessment is a vital part of your fire safety responsibilities

A Fire Risk Assessment ensures that the fire protection is implemented in your daily business or personal practices in providing a safe risk free environment for yourself and those around you.

The main purpose for BAFE registered Fire Risk Assessment providers is to help reduce the likelihood of a fire occurring to a minimum and providing important information/actions for the person responsible for fire safety to carry out ensuring a safe risk monitored environment.

The BAFE Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment (SP205) scheme has been developed by BAFE with industry experts committed to providing quality guidance in relation to fire safety primarily emphasising the importance of fire risk assessments.


The BAFE Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment (SP205) scheme ensures independent certification of the quality and competence of companies fire risk assessors, large and small. It is important to ensure when choosing an external fire-risk assessor to remember that you can still be held accountable if something happens or if errors are made during the process. Please note that you should make regular checks to ensure that they are sufficiently qualified and experienced in being a fire risk assessor.


BAFE registered companies will be certified via one of two UKAS accredited certification bodies:


  • NSI (National Security Inspectorate)
  • SSAIB (Security Systems Alarm Inspection Board)

Please note that you should make regular checks to ensure that the chosen risk assessor is sufficiently qualified and experienced. Ask the risk assessor to demonstrate that they’ve taken the necessary reasonable steps to comply with their legal obligations and requirements under fire safety legislation.